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Number of AIM securities (Updated: 18 May 2023)


Total number of shares 174,813,998

Tresuary shares 9,458,577

Shares in public hand 9.32%

Shares not in public hand 90.68%



Significant shareholders (Updated: 18 May 2023)


Groverton Management Ltd 74.41%
(a company beneficially owned by Noam Lanir)

(a company beneficially owned by Ron Baron)

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None of the company’s securities are admitted to trading on any exchange or trading platform other than AIM, nor have there have been applications for any such admission.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s securities.

Takeover Code

The Company is not subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (the Takeover Code) or any other such legislation or code in its country of incorporation or operation. No other similar provisions have been voluntarily adopted.